Big Eyes, Beauty of the Sky

~ A short story ~

You come back to the surface face up, and even before you could clear the water on your face, you throw a sea cucumber on me. Its soft texture hit me and the slimy insides splatter on my face. I scream. You laugh. You like to tease me. I chase you but you swim faster than me. You look back at me and stick out your tongue. We race towards the jetty and jump into the water over and over again. Continue reading “Big Eyes, Beauty of the Sky”

Small Gifts

I’ve recently read a post about how we can turn small gifts into something big. The writer’s school teacher gave her the gift of God’s love through music every week when she formed a children’s choir. And now, the writer herself has been giving gifts to other girls, not through music but through her writing instead. Continue reading “Small Gifts”

Writing and the Harsh Reality

Alexa Donne’s writing tutorials and advice popped up as youtube’s recommended videos several times already. I ignored it for the longest time. But last night, I finally succumbed to youtube’s persistence. I watched her Harsh Writing Advice and harsh, she really was. Continue reading “Writing and the Harsh Reality”

Lighten Up Your Burden

Weeks ago, I had a small breakdown.

I was working on a wedding group and, as I sought assistance from my two immediate supervisors about the prices and other details one Tuesday morning, something from what they both said hit me. I automatically shut down the whole morning. When I went back to my room in the afternoon, I suddenly cried. I lied on my bed and tried to sleep. Their words kept repeating in my head. My tears fell randomly. Continue reading “Lighten Up Your Burden”

Permanent Fixture

~A short story ~

A delicate atmosphere enveloped the dining area. Each word said sliced through. Like cracks on a frozen lake, they stemmed out little by little. Tiny brittle sounds filled my ears. The silence was like forever, waiting for a random passerby whose step could break the entire frozen lake and drop him into the oblivion of a dark, cold universe. That wasn’t the mood we expected to have for Ma’s 60th birthday celebration. Continue reading “Permanent Fixture”

Three Books Worth My Sleepless Nights

I love sleeping. But what I love more, are books that keep me awake; it means they are that good for me to fight the urge to sleep.

These three books here kept me awake for weeks (or months) and here are my thoughts on them. Continue reading “Three Books Worth My Sleepless Nights”