3 Things I Like About Dharavandhoo Island

Living in an island in the Maldives and still wanting to visit islands might sound strange to you but it is really my goal to see as much islands of the Maldives while I am here, while the islands are still in their natural state (before a foreign company takes over and turns it into a resort and changes the entire island). Continue reading “3 Things I Like About Dharavandhoo Island”

2 Main Takeaways from Lisa See’s Island of Sea Women

Island of Sea Women is the story of Young-Sook and Mi-ja, set in a Japanese Occupied Jeju Island of Korea.

Young-Sook and Mi-ja came from different backgrounds but they became inseparable until certain circumstances broke them apart. Continue reading “2 Main Takeaways from Lisa See’s Island of Sea Women”

Fiery Morning Sky

I woke up from a chaotic dream. My eyes half open, I saw the orange sky from the glass curtain-less window. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Checking if I was still in a dream.

Half awake, I checked the time from my mobile phone. 5:30 am. I closed my eyes, wanting to sleep once again. But I didn’t want to miss this sunrise. For when have I last seen the sunrise here in my hometown? I could not even remember. Continue reading “Fiery Morning Sky”

We Visited the Marina at The Crossroads and Will Probably Not Go Back

I visited the Marina last month with my colleagues, twice. It’s not that we love the place that’s why we went twice. We just had to. Continue reading “We Visited the Marina at The Crossroads and Will Probably Not Go Back”

Chasing Mantas in Hanifaru Bay

It is currently ‘Manta Season’ at Baa Atoll. And for ocean lovers like me and my friend Yoyo, this is the best time to visit the area.

We took a 45-min domestic flight from Male’ (Velana International Airport) to Dharavandoo in Baa Atoll and as soon as we arrived at the hotel around 12noon, we already asked them to call the Dive Center if there is a Manta Snorkelling Trip in the afternoon to Hanifaru Bay. Continue reading “Chasing Mantas in Hanifaru Bay”

Misadbentyurs in Phuket (Asan ang Toothpaste ko????)

So ipinadala ako ng kumpanya sa Phuket, Thailand, para sa training. Para magkaroon ng karagdagang kaalaman para sa Road to Stardom ko.

Umalis ako ng isla ng 10am nung Lunes, nag speedboat ako papuntang airport tapos ang flight ko papuntang Bangkok ay 12pm (local time). Dumating ako sa Bangkok ng pasado alas syete (local time, bale 5 hours yung biyahe) tapos ang flight ko naman papuntang Phuket ay 9:50pm. Continue reading “Misadbentyurs in Phuket (Asan ang Toothpaste ko????)”