Today I’ll start a journey. I’ll follow a road led by my heart; I will go where it takes me. My journey might take some time, a day or forever and this, I will tell you. In case I don’t come back, don’t worry. I will be fine and so will you. My heart will take […]

I saw the recent post of Dionne on instagram and I was like, WOW ABS! I heard she is a swimmer, so I came up with an idea. Who says desserts can't be healthy? Thank you, @dietbuddyph! 😘 #healthy #lowcalorie A photo posted by Dionne Monsanto (@dionnemonsanto) on Dec 2, 2016 at 4:39pm PST   I […]

As per Wiki, wisdom teeth generally erupts between the ages 17 to 25. Duh? I’m already 31! That being said, maybe at 31, I am still not wise enough as a  25 year old should be. Is that why a wisdom tooth is still springing out of my ancient gums? Duh? After one long month, […]

Several friends of mine worked for the same company for several years and left the company in the same position as when they joined in. They would complain that they left the company because nothing happened to them. They never got any promotion. They blame it on the company who never considered their growth or […]

A few days ago, I posted something about Meeting Travel Writers and Bloggers, hosting them for dinners and inventing stories to entertain them. I have been receiving comments from my other colleagues here about my hosted dinners. They thought, I’m having the best of time while having dinner either by the beach or at the over water […]

We went for a little outing today and I was able to practice my troll photography skills, though I’m posting just a few photos. Don’t ask me about the specie of the bird and the mango-looking fish on the photo. I won’t be able to answer you.  

Once upon a time, a happy girl lived on the country side where flowers of different colors bloom, where chirping birds can be heard all day long. She loved to sit on her rocking chair by her veranda where she hosts her lovely friends for tea and biscuits every afternoon. She served them tea, they shared stories. One […]

I like your color, said an Arab Woman to me early this morning. I was on the boat with them and we were able to exchange pleasantries before they left the resort. I said, this is not my natural color. I got burned by always walking under the sun. I don’t even swim or sun […]

This post is way too early for Christmas, I guess🙂 But we are on the -ber months anyway, so, its ok. I’ve been listening to this song (and a few others) for the last few days because I, including 2 other colleagues, were assigned to sing Christmas songs during dinner time from the 21st to […]

Spark is a term I usually hear nowadays from youngsters, a word pertaining to love or attraction, if I may be correct. Those who are looking for love (or anything similar) will usually look for the ‘sparks’ as they say. But is this what you really need to look for when searching for a partner? […]

I sat by the beach one early evening of November when they said the moon will be super. The moon was indeed so bright. It was yellowish in color that night, not the usual silvery white. I thought of you. I thought of the first time you and I met, of how you came to […]

Ikaw Ang tinig Na naririnig Kapag ang mundo’y nangingimi   Ikaw Ang katahimikan Na nangingibabaw Sa mundong magulo at puno ng digmaan   Ikaw Ang ilaw Na s’yang tanglaw Sa gabi ng kadiliman   Ikaw   Ikaw na nand’yan Kapag ako’y sumusuko na Kapag lahat ng laban Ay natalo na Ikaw ang nagsasabing Tama na […]

I know, I know. The title is lame. But never mind. I never really liked any activity that involves socializing with strangers, well, not physically. As virtually, I believe I am sociable enough. So I was assigned to do the very thing that, I don’t really hate, but I just don’t like. To entertain and host […]

Friendship doesn’t always mean fun. There will be rough times too that will put the relationship to test. Birds of the same feather flock together. But having the same feather doesn’t mean these birds are identical. They are different from each other, one way or another. People have differences. No matter how similar two people […]

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I am re-posting this article from some time ago. Quick reason why: So I went to this fabulous blog party yesterday right, and there was one common thread: We couldn’t follow each other! On more than one occasion there was an issue with someone’s follow button (including mine!) and…